Not Another Snail Album

by Snatch the Snail

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Recorded in The Shell & The Odd Room


released June 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Snatch the Snail North Carolina

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Track Name: Famous People
Famous people like to say
"The words don't matter
It's all in the way you say it"
I beg to differ
That's why some people are famous
And I'm not

But that's not the only reason
There's a billion trillion reasons
But that's another story
Different song

Mr. Rich and Famous
How'd you get so rich and famous?
Let me write this down
I'm gonna need this information later
Track Name: Out of Juice
Who's gonna light my candle?
Who's gonna wear my shoes?
Who's gonna sign my basketball?
Who's gonna sing my blues?

Blacker than the universe
And running out of juice
Who's gonna tie the knot
When they hang me from the noose?

Mr. Hangman, cut me loose
So I can tell all my children the news
We're floating through the universe
And running out of juice
And my death sentence
Can't be reduced
Track Name: In Convenience
My tongue and my teeth and my lips are blue
I've got brain freeze
From all of the Icee's I drink on the reg
If I'm feeling crazy
I'll switch it up to red

It's a guilty pleasure and it's hard to resist
That's what she said

Never ever the less
Put it to the test
Lest we forget
That it's just a jest
But it's getting difficult to digest
Track Name: Swallowed My Brain
My gut got to thinking
"Don't you think it's strange
That I think at all
Because I'm a gut and not a brain?"

Turns out, I had swallowed my brain
Now I let my gut do all the thinking
I'm not in charge of decision making
I go with my gut because I swallowed my brain
Track Name: The Way of the Underworld
Some sort of mage
Working minimum wage
That's the way of the underworld

Get the hell out of Hell
Level up
Get over the spell
Shake it off

Grimy and grim
On my slimy skin
That's the way of the underworld
Track Name: Retract That
I skipped ahead a little early
So, I'll backtrack
I've done it before and I'll do it again
I start again before I get to the end
Because I wanna get it right, get it tight

There's not a single stanza
That I would retract
I take it back
I'd like to retract that
Track Name: The Bubblegummer Song
Stop chewing your gum so fucking loud
Really, man, it's too fucking loud
I got headphones on and I can still hear
You chewing gum right in my left ear

Such a bummer, bubblegummer
I burst your bubble, bubblegummer

I hate to lose my cool
But it's really not cool
Biting my tongue
Since fucking preschool

Fucking people's mothers
Mother fucking motherfucker
Loud ass bubble gum chewing bubblegummer
Track Name: African Land Snail Invasion
African land snail invasion
Get the dogs, call the Snail Squad
Gotta grab the gastropod

It's not science fiction
It's actually a problem
They'll eat the concrete off of houses
For calcium
Asexual reproduction
Gotta grab the population
Leaving meningitis
In the slime trails in your garden

If you're a smuggler
Who's been leaving snails around
The snail inspector's getting paid
To bring you down
Track Name: Weird in Here
Something is weird in here

I think I feel weird
I think I feel strange
And it happens all the time sometimes
Depending on the time
Track Name: Take out the Batteries
Having an opinion
Seems that it has become overrated
According to my calculations

Pretty, pretty please
With a cherry on top
Take out the batteries

Consumer consumption
System malfunction
Out of order
Electronic hoarder

I've had enough
I got a white flag up
Track Name: Waiting Around
I feel like myself again
Waiting around for the time to go by